Saturday, August 14, 2010

Recently, there have been many reports of something in Oologah Lake. Many believe it's the feared "Oklahoma Octopus" as seen on animal planet lost tapes. But there might be something more sinister lurking in the lake which now many call "Ooly, the Oologah Lake monster". Many have claimed to see the beast,, some say it's resemble a plesiosaur, like the famed Loch Ness monster. This beast it also thought to be the reason many swimmer drowned more increasingly each year. A list of reported lake monsters on wikipedia shows Ooly as a Leptocleidus. Someone started a page on facebook about it with a photo of a hump and a neck sticking out of the water as seen below. It is unknown whether it's a hoax or a fake. Only time will be able to tell if Ooly the Oologah lake monster is real.